Why We Love Phoenix Grills

Grill, roast, steam, and smoke. … Do it all! Built like the legendary Holland Grill, the Phoenix Grill cooks with virtually no flare-ups — all thanks to a specially designed, heavy-duty cast aluminum drip pan over the burners. These formidable gas grills are engineered to squeeze out every last drop of performance, versatility, functional convenience, and home appeal. Proudly made in the USA by MHP and its ProFire Grills Division, Phoenix Grills offers a full line of accessories for the prepared grill master.

Phoenix Grills Features

  • Evenly Diffuses Heat
  • Stainless Steel Mesh Cooking Grid
  • Dual Stainless Steel Burner
  • Cast Aluminum Drip Pan
  • Made in the USA
Phoenix Grills Video
Phoenix Grills Video
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