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Smoker Boxes & Smoker Trays (34 Items)

BBQ Smoker Boxes

There’s a ceiling on squeezing every last drop of juicy, wood-fired flavor out of your delicious meats: it’s called a smoker box, and you’ll want one. Wood chip smoker boxes hold your chips or chunks under a punctured lid, releasing that authentic barbecue greatness right next to your latest meal or between the flame tamers. Don’t happen to have a dedicated smoker in your backyard, but you want to try out that style? Well, a grill smoker box can usually turn your grill into the next best thing.

So, what makes these stainless steel boxes so special? Simple: the best smoke for raw, steakhouse-quality flavoring comes out to play between 550 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit — we’re talking the actual heat of the wood itself, not the air within your grill. A smoker tray keeps your quality chips and chunks away from the hottest flares and safely in that sweet spot, especially during those long-haul wood refills. Keeping these factors in mind can really kick your smoking session up to the next level, because plunking it all near (or on!) the crackling charcoal? That’ll rocket your carefully picked flavor fuel straight past that window, burning out the very best of those vapors before they can work their magic.

For truly mouthwatering smoked meats? Trust us: you won’t want to waste that magic.

Try Out a Wood Chip Smoker Box

If you’ve never cooked with a smoker tray before, you’ve got to try it for yourself. Everything we offer is hand-picked to bring your cookout to the next level, but for some real talk? A wood chip smoker box is fast, it's easy, and it's downright convenient — a simple and effective design, built to plunge every wisp of those authentic, wood-fired vapors straight into your next low-and-slow roast.

Try one for yourself. We won’t even say we told you so.

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