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Traeger Hardwood Pellets (12 Items)

Traeger Hardwood Pellets

Traeger BBQ pellets are made in the USA of natural 100% food-grade hardwood and are environmentally safe. Rest assured, there are no fillers, bark content, or binding agents. These pellets are created to have the perfect burn for a subtle smoky flavor that won’t overpower your food but still provides that delicious wood-fired taste. Traeger wood pellets provide a clean and healthy fuel source and also deliver delicious flavor!

These hardwood pellets come in a variety of flavors to complement whatever food you’re cooking. Whether it’s apple for pork or hickory for steak, we’ve got you covered. Another plus is that you can mix and match flavors to concoct an endless amount of combinations. Traeger smoker pellets are easy to use and aren’t messy like other fuel sources can be. They produce very little ash so clean up after cooking is quick and stress-free.

Not all wood pellets are created equal – by using Traeger pellets, you’re ensuring that you get pure hardwood taste with even cooking consistency.