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BBQ & Smoking Pellets (29 Items)

Smoker Wood Pellets

Do we have to yell it? We love pellets! BBQ hardwood pellets, that is — not the animal food, and definitely not the other animal stuff. These little packets of compressed sawdust are the secret to pellet grilling, which is the easiest way by far to achieve delicious barbecue. Much like actual hardwood, BBQ pellets are used for both combustion and flavoring food within the grill. Those flavors, you ask? We carry a wide variety of premium cooking pellets, from bold hickory and nutty pecan to mild apple and sweet maple. If you’re unsure which flavor of BBQ pellets pairs best with your protein of choice, the experts behind our Grillabilities℠ series put together a handy guide covering how to choose wood pellets.

Though you don’t have to use the BBQ hardwood pellets from your grill manufacturer, we’ve found that doing so leads to best results. That shouldn’t be a problem for you, not when we have all the best wood pellets for smoking from the leading pellet grill brands. It’s our hope that you try every kind we carry until you find the flavor that resonates most with your inner pitmaster. Your inner scientist is also welcome — there’s nothing wrong with mixing different premium cooking pellets to create exciting new flavor profiles! Now there’s something worth yelling about.