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Patio Umbrella Bases, Stands & Accessories (19 Items)

Recommended Base Sizing

Think of the umbrella stand as the foundation of the umbrella. Selecting the right stand is very important to make sure that the umbrella is supported properly. It can literally make or break the umbrella. A base will be needed even if the umbrella is being placed in a patio table so that it will stand straight and be secured. Freestanding umbrellas will need to have a base that is heavy enough to prevent it from being off balanced. A lighter weight base might hold a larger umbrella for a while but if it becomes windy or someone accidentally bumps it, it will likely cause the umbrella to topple.

Umbrella Size Stand Weight Usage

6 to 7.5 ft

35 lb or less

Thru table only. Freestanding not recommended

7.5 to 9 ft

40 to 60 lbs

Freestanding 50 lb minimum. Thru table 40 lb minimum

9 ft to 10 ft

65 to 75 lbs

Freestanding, low wind location. Thru table

11 ft or larger

75 lbs and up

Freestanding or Thru table