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Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

Made from post-consumer plastics, like water bottles, milk jugs, and detergent bottles, recycled plastic furniture is an eco-friendly choice to consider when buying new patio furniture. It is fabricated to mimic the look and feel of real wood without the upkeep or environmental footprint. The low-maintenance recyclable lumber has been welcomed as a premier wood alternative in outdoor furniture with its all-weather endurance, improved aesthetics and exceptional durability. Unlike real wood, your recycled plastic patio furniture will not fade in direct sunlight and will look colorful and new for years to come!

There are a number of benefits to choosing recycled plastic patio furniture:

  • Recycled pastic patio furniture is also extremely easy to clean and maintain. All it takes is a simple soap and water cleaning solution.
  • Another benefit to recycled plastic patio furniture is its durability. It won't crack, peel or splinter, which is a major advantage that plastic lumber has over authentic lumber.