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U-Line Outdoor Refrigeration (14 Items)

U-Line Outdoor Refrigerators

U-line has been making indoor refrigerators for years and have created an expansive outdoor refrigeration collection. In U-Line’s collection of outdoor refrigeration products, you’ll find appliances that perform among the best in the industry and have sleek looks to complement any outdoor space. They’re designed and manufactured in the USA, giving you confidence that your U-Line outdoor ice maker or U-Line outdoor kegerator will last for years. Some of our favorite items in this selection are U-Line outdoor refrigerators, which come in different styles to fit your needs.

If you don’t have room for a 24-inch fridge, the 15-inch models may be better suited for your outdoor space. Both sizes, however, feature white LED lights for nighttime visibility and tempered glass shelves that let you arrange items based on your personalized needs. We also offer a U-Line outdoor refrigerator with two full extension drawers rather than a door configuration, and this unit is also capable of staying within 1 degree Fahrenheit of the set temperature.

U-Line Outdoor Kegerators

These models can fit up to a standard quarter-barrel, though you can pair a slim quarter-barrel with a sixth-barrel and connect a double tap. You can also choose a single tap or no tap at all if you’d prefer to use your U-Line outdoor kegerator as a beverage cooler instead. The two durable wire shelves make item storage easy, and the digital cooling system found within can hold temperatures between 34 and 60 degrees.

U-Line Outdoor Ice Makers

Running back inside to grab ice a thing of the past with U-Line outdoor ice makers. They create crescent, nugget, or clear ice so you can have exactly what you need to cool down drinks when everyone’s over for movie night or the big game. These models also include reversible doors, the ability to cut off ice production, an ice scooper, and an indicator for when you should clean the unit. Just keep in mind that you may need a pump drain to keep your U-Line outdoor ice maker functioning properly.

U-Line Outdoor Freezers

While U-line makes great indoor freezers, for true versatility in your outdoor kitchen, consider a convertible U-Line outdoor freezer. On top of maintaining temperatures between -5 and 5 degrees, this model can be used as a refrigerator with the push of a button. The three slide-out baskets, which have full extension and are removable, provide enough space to store most large pizza boxes or 1-gallon containers.

U-Line also offers parts and accessories, including taps for kegerators, water supply lines, and drain pumps. To make sure they’re compatible with your U-Line outdoor refrigerator or a similar product from this collection, give one of our experts a call at 1-877-743-2269 today!