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Summit Outdoor Refrigeration (92 Items)

Summit Outdoor Kitchen Refrigeration

When it comes to the best premium outdoor refrigeration on the market, some of the greatest appliances around come straight from Summit. If we say they’re always looking for the next mountain to climb… Is that too on the nose? Probably. Even so, Summit has spent several decades carefully refining their commercial-grade refrigeration through luxury innovation — and it really shows. Thanks to their advances in weatherproof design, Summit is fully qualified to change your outdoor space into a comprehensive kitchen.

Summit builds nearly all of its luxury outdoor equipment with that shining beacon of excellence: 304-grade stainless steel, inside and out. Naturally, this wraps them in the highest quality material for lasting endurance and defense against the elements. It also just happens to make them look downright stunning in any outdoor kitchen setting. You want the best in outdoor-rated kitchen refrigeration for your private space — and Summit will help you crest that peak.

Summit Outdoor Kegerators

If there’s anything better for a balmy summer day than fresh, delicious beer, humanity probably isn’t ready for it. Chilled beer bottles and cans certainly do the trick, but there’s another way: tapping your favorite beer straight to every party you ever throw. Bring the bar to your backyard with a Summit outdoor kegerator. Your home merriment deserves the best hops, and those hops deserve commercial-grade equipment.

Summit Outdoor Freezers

It can be tempting to put a spare freezer outside near your entertaining space. However, most chest freezers are designed only for the 55 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit range (unless you’re a fan of mechanical failure and spoiled food). Direct sunlight and the elements will further hamper their functionality. Perish the thought — and not your food — with a Summit outdoor freezer. Sure, they’re engineered to handle the outdoors like the frosty champions they are. They just happen to make your kitchen look amazing too.

Summit Outdoor Ice Makers

Running out from the party to grab 10-gallon bags of nearly melted ice — most of us have been there. Some party entertainers consider it a rite of passage, while others believe it falls somewhere between “annoyance” and “embarrassment.” To discourage such concerns from ever bothering your fun again, find a place in your outdoor kitchen for a Summit outdoor ice maker. The investment will keep you where you belong: right with the festivities, chilled beer in hand.

Summit Outdoor Wine Cellars

Preserving fragile wines requires a lot of work that you can (and should) outsource to a robust appliance. These aren’t dusty old racks against a basement wall (though, those have a certain vintage appeal). No, Summit outdoor wine cellars are 21st century wine coolers clad in the best climate control available. With their superior UV protection, weatherproofing, vibration deterrence, programmable temperature zones, and snazzy LED lighting, let them prove that they love your wine just as much as you do.