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Alfresco Outdoor Refrigerators (3 Items)

Alfresco Outdoor Refrigeration

Alfresco grills are a leader in outdoor cooking & outdoor kitchen components. Their American-made grills are a beautiful centerpiece for any outdoor kitchen. No BBQ island is complete without outdoor refrigeration. There are many advantages to having a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen:

  • A place to store cold drinks and condiments

  • Storage within reach of your outdoor cooking station

Alfresco refrigerators are designed to seamlessly match their grills in both aesthetic and innovation.

Alfresco Refrigerators & Kegerators

Alfresco Under Grill Outdoor Rated Refrigerator

This refrigerator goes right underneath your built-in grill. It’s 42 inches wide, and includes a fridge and two marinating drawers. The steel food pans are restaurant designed, so you can prepare food then set it in the fridge until you’re ready to cook. Temperature is managed by a digital control that has a backlit display. The breathing system for the fridge is on the front, making it outdoor rated. This innovative design is one of the best ways to keep food cold while keeping things organized & convenient.

Alfresco Outdoor Rated Compact Refrigerator & Kegerator

This fridge is all-weather, meaning it can perform in extremely high and low external temperatures ranging from 30 degrees to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The interior temperatures range from 27 to 56 degrees Fahrenheit. It even comes equipped with an auto-defrost system!

Alfresco Beer Dispensing Kegerator Kit

Use the beer dispensing kegerator kit to transform your Alfresco Refrigerator & Kegerator into a beer dispenser. The fridge holds a 15-gallon standard beer keg. The tower is insulated into the cabinet to minimize foaming. And when you’re done using the fridge as a kegerator, you can easily remove the kit to convert the kegerator back into a fridge.