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Coyote Refreshment Centers & Ice Bin Coolers (2 Items)

Coyote Refreshment Centers for Outdoor Kitchens

Everyone needs a way to keep drinks cold in their outdoor kitchen, but how you choose to do so will affect the overall design of your space. Do you want the simple convenience of an ice bin, or do would you prefer a more versatile cooling station? Fortunately, Coyote Outdoor Living carries two distinct options to keep your drinks chilled and the conversation flowing while you enjoy the comforts of your outdoor space.

Coyote Ice Bin Cooler

If you’re looking to save space in your outdoor kitchen, the Coyote ice bin cooler might be just what you need. Its drop-in configuration fits right into your countertop, and at 25 inches wide, it’s big enough to hold plenty of cans or bottles without taking up too much room. This cooling bin is also sturdily made with 304 stainless steel, a hinged lid with a high-quality seal, and a convenient drain hole. No more messy ice chests lying around your outdoor area!

Coyote Outdoor Bar Sink

Coyote also offers an all-around refreshment center that combines the luxury of a drop-in cooler with the functionality of a bar sink. With 304 stainless steel construction across its 30-inch frame, this cooling station is an outdoor powerhouse that can serve several purposes at once. In addition to the included towel holder and bottle opener, the Coyote outdoor bar sink has a removable front shelf to hold bottles so you have more room in the cooler section. The drop-in cooler is fully insulated with a removable condiment tray and built-in drain, while the sink features an outdoor-rated faucet and integrated cutting board for simple food prep and cleanup.

Our outdoor living experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269, so give them a call today for more information about which Coyote refreshment center works best in your outdoor kitchen!