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Alfresco Bartender Centers & Bar Accessories (24 Items)

Alfresco Bar Sinks

Alfresco Grills offer a companion line of bartending equipment and supplies to seamlessly complement their outdoor kitchen appliances. Alfresco is considered top of the line for outdoor entertainment experiences.

Alfresco Bartender System

The Versa Bartender & Sink systems are multifunctional and can be used two different ways. You can install a faucet if you want to use it as a sink. However, in the case that you need a place to keep drinks cold, just plug the drain and fill the basin with ice. The 24-inch Alfresco bar sink also comes with a speed rail, bottle opener, 4-bottle wells, and a sliding ice cover.

Alfresco Bar Accessories

Alfresco modular shelves are great for added kitchen storage, a place for decor, or a spot to place drinks after you make them. Types of Alfresco kitchen shelf include:

  • Pot Rack
  • Storage
  • Display
  • Lighted Serving Shelf
  • Blender Shelf

Bar Well, Speed Rail & Condiment Tray – Outfit your outdoor kitchen with everything you need to make drinks with ease. Fill the bar well with mixers, the speed rail with bottles, and the condiment tray with garnishments to quickly make drinks for your guests.