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Outdoor Rugs (509 Items)

Outdoor Patio Rugs

Sophistication. Character. Personality. Nothing adds charm to a patio space faster than an outdoor rug. They really tie the room together, don’t they? When thoughtfully paired with your outdoor furniture and some popping outdoor throw pillows, an all-weather patio rug provides a durable surface where the kids can play, the dog can stay, and the adults can chat over clinking drinks.

Patio Rug Shapes, Sizes, & Styles

Variety is the spice of life, and our selection of outdoor patio rugs is no different. Catering to all styles, shapes, and sizes, our high-traffic outdoor rugs are built for even the toughest environments. Mudrooms? Done. Summer pool parties? No sweat. Storm or shine, these regal, rugged mats boast superior stain and fade repellent, mold and mildew resistance, and special fiber weaves — keeping those colors strong all year long.

So, next time Buster catches a whiff of food on the grill and trots dirt across the outdoor patio rug… rest assured that your investment will tie that space together for seasons to come! Want some great tips to give your outdoor rug that extra-clean sheen? Our handy Outdoor Rug Cleaning Guide has you covered.

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