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Sunbrella Cushions (902 Items)

Replacing Outdoor Cushions

Want to revive your existing outdoor patio furniture and space? Sunbrella Outdoor Replacement Cushions are a fun and cost-effective way to add comfort, color, fun and style to your well-used patio furniture.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to a Fresh New Look

Step 1: Clean - You’ll be proud to host your first outdoor gathering when the grime is gone. How to Care for and Clean Cushion has great tips for how to clean existing patio furniture.

Step 2: Replace - Comfy new cushions will give your patio a fresh start! Always measure existing cushions before buying new ones. Learn how to measure outdoor cushions.

Step 3: Decorate - The exciting part of creating the perfect patio! Decorating your outdoor space is simple and fun with Sunbrella umbrellas, outdoor pillows, and curtains that complement your new cushions. Think about adding an outdoor lamp to create a softer ambiance at night. Or maybe a serving cart that is a trendy decorative and functional piece for every patio.

For more outdoor decorating ideas, check out our Pop Your Patio guide to patio color coordination with Sunbrella cushions and more.

Tip: Outdoor rugs are a great way to bring your patio together, define the space and add interest.