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U-Line Refrigerators (38 Items)

U-Line Compact Refrigerators

Since 1962, U-Line has been a leader of innovation, quality, and value in the refrigeration market. The company’s products are designed for both indoor and outdoor settings, and some are even ADA-compliant. U-Line refrigerators have large, flexible capacities that can be easily added to your kitchen without taking up too much space or being an eyesore. But even more important than innovation and style is the functionality of these models, which can transform your home with top-notch storage and cooling.

U-Line 1000 Series

Refrigerators in the U-Line 1000 Series come in widths of 15 and 24 inches, allowing them to be integrated into various environments. Though the ventilation grills on these models are fixed, the legs are independently adjustable and the doors are field reversible so you can truly fit them to your space. This line even features a unit equipped with two U-Line refrigerator drawers for a different style of kitchen storage.

U-Line 2000 Series

This collection of U-line compact refrigerators is notable for its sleek black toe-kick that helps the unit better blend in with surrounding cabinetry. These models have cabinet widths measuring 18 or 24 inches, and the grill ventilation remains fixed. While some U-Line refrigerators in the 2000 Series have concealed and covered hinges that limit door customizations, they do offer a built-in door stop for extra convenience.

U-Line 3000 Series

If you need a refrigerator with maximum integration potential, then this is the series for you. These U-Line compact refrigerators have ventilation grills that can be arranged either front-to-back or up-and-down, plus they’re compatible with an integrated toe-kick or a continuous, custom toe-kick. Additionally, this series features U-Select digital controls that cool items at optimal temperatures to keep them fresher for longer. There are even a few French Doors models available, giving you dual-zone beverage centers to cool different drinks at different temperatures.

U-Line ADA Series

With many places now complying with ADA requirements, U-Line developed a collection of refrigerators in agreement with the federal law. They’re designed to be installed under countertops 34 inches in height and are extra accessible thanks to their easy-to-use controls that also allow for single-hand operation.

U-Line Refrigerator Outdoor Series

Rounding out the collection of U-Line compact refrigerators are the outdoor models, which provide reliable durability with front venting and a sturdy exterior. They’re capable of cooling anywhere between 34 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit and can maintain temperature within 1 degree of the setting. All units are either 15 or 24 inches and width, including the U-line refrigerator drawer model. These refrigerators carry a warranty for outdoor use, making them a great addition to any patio area.

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