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Summit Compact Refrigerators (46 Items)

Summit Compact Refrigerators

Sometimes great things come in small packages. Beers, bottled beverages, crisp-cold desserts...

Oh, sorry — did you think we were talking about indoor refrigeration? Summit counter height refrigerators are certainly designed to fit tight spots in any kitchen, but we can’t call them small when they offer surprisingly ample storage behind those stainless steel, black, or glass panel doors. They’re also deeply durable champions of chilling, not just adding a touch of class to any kitchen setting but turning heads while they do it. Surely there’s no room for all of that in a small package… especially not if that package was a commercially-grade, impeccably designed kitchen appliance with a sterling reputation.

Seeing as we’re on the topic, we suppose we could point out that, while Summit drawer refrigerators elegantly fit undercounter — storing everything from milk gallons to bottlecap beers in handy, top-down fashion — we wouldn’t necessarily call them ‘small packages’ either. Could a small package have room for premium rollers that glide like a burning knife through butter? We didn’t think so. Nor could you fit in gentle LED lighting, frost-free operation, temperature alarms, adjustable section dividers, and a temperature memory function that retains settings in response to power failures… unless you were, perhaps, a beloved manufacturer of commercial-grade equipment for over 50 years and supplying every industry from hospitality to laboratories.

Nor could we say the same about Summit compact beverage coolers. Groundbreaking design and magnificent construction don’t really lend themselves to shrinkage, do they? Square-cube law and all of that. Sure, superior locking doors and digital thermostats are all fine and dandy… but what about professional-style handles and heat-safe, double-paned doors? Then, there’s all those delicious contents to consider: a wide variety of crisp drinks and foodstuffs that can pack these elegant machines from edge to edge on superb wire shelves. When you can fit enough sparkling water, carbonated cans, and six-pack bottled refreshments to survive a week in the desert (disclosure: good luck figuring out electricity), then we’d understandably hesitate to say these are small packages. Nor, truth be told, could we say these outstanding kitchen appliances are full of great things — but we’ll admit, they all come packed tightly with amazing features, incredible benefits, and unbelievable value.

Great things. Small packages. You’re right — maybe we were talking about Summit appliances after all.