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TEC Grill Accessories (37 Items)

TEC Grill Accessories

TEC makes some of the most powerful infrared grills on the market today, but they can achieve even better performance and longevity with additional TEC grill accessories. One of our favorites are the TEC smoker/roasters, which are basically elevated grill racks with a drip tray underneath and a wood chip tray along the front. While TEC’s infrared technology is great for grilling and searing, the smoker/roaster uses the same innovations to create indirect heat for delicious, slow-cooked flavors. Among the essential TEC infrared grill parts & accessories is the stainless steel griddle that sits directly on the grill grates and allows you to whip up mouth-watering bacon, eggs, and much more!

For even more cooking versatility, try the fryer/steamer and fry basket. These TEC grill accessories let you steam or deep fry food directly on the grill using water or your oil of choice. There’s also a pizza rack for adding a little Italian flair to your menu. A grill cover to protect your BBQ pit from the elements is one of the most important TEC grill parts we carry, while conversion kits enable you to easily switch your fuel source from liquid propane to natural gas, and vice versa.

If you have any other questions about TEC infrared grill parts or accessories, consult one of our BBQ experts by calling 1-877-743-2269 today!