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BBQ Grill Lights (13 Items)

Grill Lights: What to Look For

Safety. For every cookout going past sundown, grill lighting should be your best friend. Besides saving you from preventable burns and knife slips, an appropriate BBQ light for after-dark grilling covers a lot of bases for quality control and food safety. If fewer burns don’t sway your opinion — really, you should want that small army of Cajun-seasoned chicken breasts at temp, not your precious fingertips — then consider what a better visual inspection of your cooktop at all times can do for you. It’ll help you cook more uniformly, drop less food, more evenly glaze and caramelize meats, and avoid mistaken probe thermometer readings from sight impairment. Who doesn’t want that?

Best Grill Lights

Skip the flashlight: who really wants to grill with a hand tied behind their back? Not any barbecue maestro we know! Keeping your hands free is as easy as securing an LED grill light to the grill enclosure (often the hood bar) or using one of our inventive BBQ utensils that cast direct visibility across the cooking area as you interact with your food. The best LED grill lighting offers excellent battery efficiency and enough luminescence to cast strong light, but not enough to blind you. Take a look at our BBQ lights to see what works best for you — and keep those knuckles scorch-free!