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Lion Grill Covers (4 Items)

Lion Grill Covers

When you buy a Lion gas grill, you’re making a big investment in your outdoor lifestyle. So why not protect that investment as much as possible? Lion grill covers are designed to stop outdoor wear and tear, greatly extend the life of your grill, and give you peace of mind. These sleek black covers are made with high-quality, durable canvas materials that combat the elements and keep your grill looking like new for years to come. A premium grill should have premium protection, and that’s exactly what you get with Lion covers.

Because this line of grills comes in freestanding and built-in configurations measuring 32 or 40 inches in width, Lion manufactures different grill covers to match each model. The freestanding grill covers have heavy-duty Velcro straps that secure it to the cart, while the Lion covers for built-in configurations can simply be placed over your grill to shield it from the weather. With a Lion grill cover, you can be confident that your BBQ pit will remain safe even when it’s not in use. If you need help finding the right cover for your Lion gas grill, call one of our outdoor living experts today at 1-877-743-2269!