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EVO Grill Accessories (21 Items)

EVO Flat Top Grill Accessories

We assume you’re here because you already know Evo flat top grills can perform virtually any cooking style — in fact, that’s why they’re commonly referred to as “cooktops.” If not, then you’re in for a treat! Grilling? Check. Baking? No problem. Braising, boiling, sauteing, smoking, and pretty much anything else you can think of? Just as easy to attain. The long list of possibilities is impressive, to be sure, but these cooktops need a little help to make it all happen. Enter Evo accessories, the arsenal you need to wield unlimited cooking power.

Of course, your setup isn’t complete without standard flat top grill utensils like Evo’s stainless steel spatula and scraper. But we’re talking about the true game-changers: steam covers, and racks for roasting and baking. These flat grill accessories greatly expand versatility and allow you to do right by your Evo cooktop — and your eager guests. If you really want to make friends and family happy with every meal, Evo even offers a cookbook so you can follow tried-and-true recipes for best results. And after delivering those delightful dishes, cleanup is a snap thanks to handy cooking-surface cleaning kits. Then all you have to do is let your grill cool down and throw on the cooktop cover to keep it protected from the elements. Evo accessories at work is a beautiful thing!

So, why wait any longer? Invest in Evo flat grill accessories today and start getting the most out of your cooktop.