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Alfresco Grill Accessories & Replacement Parts (32 Items)

Alfresco Grill Accessories & Replacement Parts

Alfresco Grill Accessories

Maximize your outdoor kitchen’s versatility with high-quality accessories that will complement your Alfresco gas grill. Alfresco’s line of accessories includes a charcoal tray, cooking grates, flame tamers, griddles, roasters, woks, and much more.

Charcoal Trays allows you to cook with charcoal or wood chips in your Alfresco gas grill to get an authentic wood-grilled flavor with a gas grill.

Cooking Grates are available in two options: basic spherical grates, or V-shaped grates that vaporize the drippings to produce more flavorful food.

Steamer & Fryer Basket Kits make an Alfresco grill even more versatile by giving you the option to boil, steam, or even fry food. The kit ¬¬includes a fry basket, steam insert, and a stainless-steel cover.

An Infrared Burner can reach temperatures over 1000 degrees F to give you a steakhouse quality sear & seal in the flavor.

Alfresco’s Roasting Pod creates an air gap between food and heat – perfect for slow roasting. It also has a built-in drip pan for easy cleanup and basting.

A Grill Cart built on durable caster wheels with a stainless-steel exterior provides portability for your Alfresco Pizza Oven or Alfresco Versa Power Cooker.

The Alfresco Wok comes in two sizes: 22” for Alfresco Versa Power Cooker, or a 14” model designed to be used with the Wok Ring.

Alfresco Grill Replacement Parts

We have a large selection of original Alfresco gas grill parts to keep your grill in tip-top cooking condition. Don’t settle for generic or universal parts when it comes to your Alfresco grill – use only factory brand Alfresco replacement parts.