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Natural Gas & Propane Fire Pit Kits (221 Items)

Gas Fire Pit Kits

Fire pits provide warmth and are a cozy focal point for your backyard, patio, or deck. There are a couple things to consider before you decide which gas fire pit is right for you. Keep in mind that gas fire pit installation typically requires multiple parts, planning, and some labor.

Benefits of gas fire pits:

  • No smoke blowing in anyone’s face
  • No smoky odor in clothes
  • Quick and easy turn on/off
  • Little to no maintenance or clean up required

Natural Gas vs Propane Fire Pit Kits

One of the first steps in choosing a gas fire pit involves selecting a fuel type: either natural gas or propane. Unlike Propane, Natural Gas Fire Pit Kits are tankless and don’t require fuel replacements. However, they do require a professional to connect the natural gas line. Propane Fire Pit Kits are more convenient when it comes to installation since they don’t require a professional’s help. Keep in mind that a propane tank will need to be refilled periodically.

Choosing a Ready-To-Finish-Fire-Pits is the fastest way to get started and eliminates most of the construction guesswork. Simply choose a shape (square, circle, or octagon) and add your desired finish to match your backyard décor.

Gas Fire Pit Kits are customizable with an endless number of combinations. If you’re a DIY enthusiast, we offer all of the elements necessary to create a Do-It-Yourself fire pits. Our experts have also written an article on How to build a fire pit. For your safety, please make sure you plan for proper ventilation. This is very important! There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruit of your labor after building your own customized DIY fire pit.

Fill your gas fire pit with stunning fire glass, gems, or other contemporary fire media. Lava rocks provide a traditional look, while fire glass looks a bit more modern. Gas logs are also available for your fire pit. The choice is yours!

Our outdoor heating experts will work with you to identify the best fit for your outdoor living area. We can help you with every aspect from material, finish, shape, accessories, and other options to create the fire pit of your dreams.