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Natural Gas & Propane Fire Pit Kits  (137 Items)

Build a Fire Pit with Our Fire Pit Kits

Fire pit kits are the easiest way to get started on a DIY Fire Pit project. Fire pit burner kits are packaged to include the basic components needed to build a fire pit. Basic kits include the gas fire pit burner along with connections, flexline, valve, flange and key.

Gas Fire Pit Burners are available in different shapes and sizes to fit most projects. Some kits include the burner pan, which supports the burner and gas lines while also reducing the amount of media you will need to cover the burner. Other kit options include match light, push button, or remote ignition.

Propane fire pit kits include the air mixer and coupler required for a safe, clean burn. The air mixer is installed in the inlet of the burner element and allows air to mix with the propane to lean out the gas which minimizes propane soot.

BBQGuys carries all of the components needed to create a customized fire pit for any outdoor living area. Whether you start with a ready to finish fire pit or you want to build a dry stack fire pit, we have the components that you are looking for.