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Fire Pit Covers (110 Items)

The Importance of a Fire Pit Cover

Fire pits covers protect your entire fire pit from the harsh elements like rain, sleet and snow. Covers are available for specific fire pits and also a universal that is adjustable to fit both round and square fire pits. Fire pit covers aren’t the only accessory that protects your fire pit. Fire pit lids protect the burner assembly from rain and can be used to convert a fire pit table into a table to make it versatile when not in use. Lids are available in wood, aluminum and stainless steel.

Types of Fire Pit Covers

There are a few different types of fire pit covers other than traditional covers and lids, that serve different purposes. Types of fire pit covers include:
  • Stainless steel fire pit covers are lids that fit over burner pans to protect the burner.
  • Spark Screens cover the fire pit to prevent embers from popping out, keeping your guest and patio safe.
  • Wind Shields are made of glass that protects the flames from cross winds to make a fire pit table enjoyable more often. The reflection of the flame off the glass adds to the ambiance.