• Simple-to-use griddle that is beginner-friendly.
  • 5-Year Warranty
  • Very responsive to temperature changes with consistent heat throughout the surface.
  • A lid is included to protect the cooking surface and it hooks easily onto the back of the griddle.
  • Sturdy construction ensures years of cooking enjoyment.
  • No leveling adjustment for cooking surface, so you must be aware of grease pooling.
  • Grease trap tilts when removed and requires cautious handling when cleaning.
  • The lid takes some maneuvering to close completely, and it cannot be closed while cooking.
  • Attached shelves cannot be folded down and the 53” total width must be accounted for when situating.
The Skinny:
  • 28” freestanding griddle with a cooking surface of 504 square inches.
  • Aluminized steel cookbox (steel dipped in aluminum) to prevent corrosion.
  • Two strong shelves attached provide significant space for prepping.
  • Hot rolled steel cooking surface that comes pre-seasoned.

By: Brad Prose

As someone who loves to experiment with flavors and the techniques to unlock those flavors, this griddle is the perfect playground for me. Weber’s freestanding griddle delivers powerful, even heat that is impressively controllable. With a temperature range that reaches over 500 degrees, you’ll have no shortage of cooking options, and the shelves provide prep space to make it happen. A high-capacity grease management system makes for an easy clean up so you and your guests can fully focus on the flavors about to be consumed.

Solid construction and a no-frills design combine for a durable, beginner-friendly griddle.

  • Thanks to Weber’s SNAP-JET™ individual burner ignition system, this griddle couldn’t be easier to light and, once lit, its hot rolled steel surface offers consistent heat without hot or cold spots to worry about.

  • Weber’s SNAP-JET burners

The actual cookbox is constructed with aluminized steel, which removes any chance of corrosion while stationed outside. With its two wheels, the griddle is easily moved despite its lack of handle. Instead, the far-left shelf serves as the makeshift handle, in addition to being a prepping surface (there’s also an attached shelf on the righthand side). Because neither of the shelves fold down, you’ll need to accommodate the full 53” width.

Weber’s griddle provides a surface that evenly distributes heat and responds to even the slightest temperature changes.

  • The advantage of operating a griddle, in comparison to, say, a gas grill, is the even heat distribution across the cooking surface, and Weber’s freestanding griddle delivers. Without having to deal with pesky temperature irregularities on the surface, you can reliably cook on the entire flattop.

  • Weber's griddle surface with the lid propped behind it

What’s more, the griddle’s surface reaches full temperature quickly, and responds just as quickly if a burner is turned down or off completely. This means true cooking versatility as the griddle has an impressive temperature range capable of cooking many different items, from scrambled eggs to a salmon filet.

Weber has also engineered an efficient grease management system that includes a grease trap in the corner of the cooking surface. The trap empties into a tray which is easily accessible from the front of the griddle.

An array of useful features allows this budget-friendly griddle to perform like a premium product.

The cooking surface comes pre-seasoned, making your first few cooks simpler than on many griddles. It also helps to have the tubular burner system with perpendicular burner holes for cross heating that promises a consistent surface.

The sides of the griddle (just outside of the flattop surface) feature slotted vents that prevent the two attached shelves from heating up. Those shelves do provide ample room for prep, and their built-in hooks allow you to hang several tools or accessories for quick access.

  • Lastly, Weber’s griddle comes with a lid, which, while not designed to be used during cooking, can be placed over the flattop when not in use to protect it from the elements. It also comes fitted with two hooks so that it can hang off the back of the griddle for simple storing during use.

  • Weber's griddle being covered by it's lid