The Skinny:

  • The best cooking performance of any pellet grill
  • Commercial-quality stainless steel construction
  • Offers large cooking temperature range

Things We Love:

Memphis Wood-Fired Pellet Grills are one of the few premium quality pellet grills on the market, producing the best cooking performance, period.

Memphis Pro models are built solid with 304-grade stainless steel inside-and-out. The grills are double-walled constructed, which provides amazing insulation for easily maintaining temperature, no matter what the outside environment is like.

There are some really cool features included with these grills. For starters, Memphis installs not one, but two internal convection fans that circulate the heat, making it one of the most even cooking convection pellet grills on the market. The Pro model offer a versatile temperature range from 180-650 degrees, allowing you to smoke at low temperatures or truly sear your food. This is something many pellet grills claim they can do, but simply can't get hot enough to achieve. Memphis also offers one of the largest hopper capacities in the industry, allowing you to cook up to an incredible 60 hours.

One of the most unique things about Memphis Grills, is that they are available in built-in, as well as freestanding models. This gives outdoor kitchen owners the option to include a pellet grill as a built-in outdoor kitchen appliance.

Things To Consider:

Memphis grills are simply the best built pellet grills you can buy. While it's unfortunate that they're only backed by a 7 year warranty, Memphis actually offers one of the best warranties available for pellet grills, and you can definitely rely on these grills lasting for many years.

You'll Like This Grill If:

You want a premium built-in or freestanding wood fire pellet grill with amazing cooking performance and versatility that will last.