The Skinny:

  • Modern Styling
  • 85% Efficient
  • Powder Coated Aluminum with Stainless Steel Parts
  • Water Resistant

Things We Love:

Solaira Alpha Series heaters utilize engineered short-wave technology, which works like the Sun, heating people & objects while not being affected by wind. These heaters convert 85% of consumed energy into instant, controllable, directional heat without needing pre-heating time.

These American-made heaters are built to last under any conditions. The Alpha Series Heaters are engineered to meet IP55 standard for water spray, so they can be installed in either wet or dry environments. The powder-coated aluminum body and stainless steel mounting accessories makes these units rust and weather-proof, which is ideal for restaurants, patios, warehouses and outdoor entertainment complexes.

Solaira Alpha Series’ modular design allows the units to be customized, upgraded, and repaired. Solaira Infrared Heater have a 3-year Fixture Warranty and the emitter bulb and controllers are both covered for 1-year. These systems are designed for up to 8,000 hours of emitter life.

Things To Consider:

This heater may require a dedicated circuit to operate and a professional electrician is recommended for installation. All models come in standard low glare emitter lamps, but if Ultra-low glare is needed please see Candel Series. Carefully measure the area you are planning to heat. Our Free Outdoor Living Design Service will help you determine your patio heating needs. Call one of our experts today 1-877-743-2269