The Skinny:

  • Contoured design
  • Coverage area of 200 square feet
  • One-Touch ignition
  • Flame-failure technology
  • Wind resistance up to 11 mph

Things We Love:

Zero Vertical Heat Loss

While most freestanding patio heaters are at risk of vertical heat loss, the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat freestanding gas heater has no such problem. This unit uses a radiant infrared heating element designed to warm people and objects in its path rather than heating only the air around it, making it one of the most efficient portable models around.

The average freestanding patio heater, which is usually topped by a mushroom-shaped dome, heats nearby air. When that hot air begins to rise, the heater will sometimes heat the air above itself instead of objects in its area despite the reflector plate engineered to push heat downward. Bromic’s model, however, heats directionally in a 200-square foot range and is sure to keep your guests warm and happy during the cold months.

Designed for Safety

Besides its efficient heating method, Bromic’s freestanding patio heater also boasts advanced safety features that give you peace of mind while you enjoy your outdoor space. If the heating element goes out in your heater, flame-failure technology will attempt to relight it three times before shutting off the gas. This unit also includes a tilt sensor that cuts off the gas supply should the heater lean too far or fall over in a storm. These safety measures will prevent gas from being wasted and help protect the outdoor living area you’ve worked so hard to create.

Bromic’s model also stands up well to wind, which can easily blow away the heat generated by freestanding patio heaters. Thanks to patented wind resistance technology from Bromic, this heater can stay lit in gusts as strong as 11 mph. It can do all this without sacrificing the stylish contoured design that sets it apart from most other freestanding patio heaters.

Large Heating Area

As if its efficiency and risk-free operation weren’t enough, the Bromic Tungsten freestanding heater has the ability to warm a massive area. This unit can spread heat in space as large as 200 square feet, which is twice as much coverage as other portable propane heaters. Not only can heat reach across a huge distance, but it’s evenly distributed toward people and deep into open areas.

Having such a big coverage area means you can place your Bromic model in different parts of your outdoor space. Friends and family won’t have to huddle around the heater for warmth — which will allow them to truly experience the joys of outdoor living — and you can change the layout of your patio with little effort.

Things To Consider:

If you don’t know how many heaters you will need to properly heat your outdoor space, our Free Outdoor Living Design Service is a great resource. Our experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer your outdoor heating questions. They can help you determine how many heaters you will need as well as the perfect layout of your outdoor space.