The Skinny:

  • Customizable log arrangement
  • Largest amount of flames and embers
  • Realistic hand-painted charred look
  • Quick shipping

Things We Love:

This set will give you the realistic look of charred and broken logs with the largest amount of flames and embers. These hand-painted logs offer a natural look and are very customizable. The bark side and split side allows you to change the look of your log set as often as you like. The H Burner allows gas to flow more freely, so you have larger billowing flames. It also creates more radiant heat than a single burner. For extra strength, the Rustic Canyon set has 1” steel needles throughout the logs to keep them from cracking. Rustic Canyon gas log set is backed by a lifetime warranty, so relax and enjoy.

Things To Consider:

These log sets are natural gas only and are not available for propane gas.

See the Rustic Canyon Gas Log Set in action