The Skinny:

  • Well-built grill
  • Affordably priced
  • Stylish LED control lights

Things To Love:

Sole grills are professionally welded and have a sleek, angled hood design that catches the eye. The Luxury TR line is built with 304 grade stainless, known around the grill industry for its superior strength and durability.

The inner grill basin of Sole Luxury grills is constructed with 443 stainless steel which is similar to 304 in terms of durability but more affordable, which helps keep the cost of the grill down. 443 is a relatively new grade compared to 304 grade, and it exhibits higher thermal conductivity (heat retention) with lower thermal expansion (443 doesn’t expand as much when temp increases, which is great for bbq grills).

I also like the high-powered stainless steel burners. They have a "u-shaped" configuration, which adds more rows of burner ports when compared with a straight tube burner which runs front to back. The u-shape covers more of the cooking area and helps with even heating. For more efficient even heating, Sole has ceramic briquette flame tamers which are directly above the burners. Ceramics retain heat and help shield the burners from drippings and debris from food. Another nice thing about Sole is you can upgrade to an infrared burner if you'd prefer to cook your food at higher temperatures. All of their grills (except the 26-inch grill) include a rotisserie and a stylish, bright white LED control lights, & blue LED backlights.

Things To Consider:

While the infrared burner isn't a standard feature, you can still upgrade and add this option. The 26-inch grill also doesn't include a rotisserie or control lighting, so if you want a grill with these features you'll need to consider a larger model.