The Skinny:

  • Only 2 inches from heat to meat
  • Preheats to max temperature in only 5 minutes
  • Perfect for high-heat, steakhouse searing
  • Die-cast aluminum body will never rust
  • Easily converts into portable configuration

Things We Love:

Everdure Force and Furnace gas grills are some of our favorite new additions to the BBQ industry. Introduced to the American market in 2019, Australian-based Everdure Grills partnered with Michelin Star chef Heston Blumenthal to design models that are as efficient as they are aesthetically pleasing.

Contemporary & Durable Design

  • The unconventional, minimalist look of these grills can tie your home’s contemporary feel to your outdoor space or serve as a conversation piece in a more traditional setting. You even have several choices for grill color — the Everdure Furnace is available in stone, graphite, orange, and mint, while the Everdure Force comes in all those colors plus red.

    Thanks to die-cast aluminum used throughout the 2-burner Force and 3-burner Furnace, you’ll never have to worry about rust forming on their legs, bodies, and fireboxes. Those components can easily last decades with proper maintenance, while the commercial-grade, stainless steel burners and cast iron cooking grids are similarly sturdy.

  • Everdure Furnace gas grills come in orange, stone, graphite, or mint finishes.

2 Inches from Heat to Meat

In a traditional gas grill, the burners and cooking surface are separated by a layer of internal components called flame tamers. These components are designed to both protect your burners from drippings, which can cause flare-ups, and to help disperse heat evenly throughout a grill's firebox.

The firebox of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal gas grills is just 10 inches from top to bottom, and the burners sit only 2 inches below the cooking grates. Because of the lack of vertical space within the Furnace or Force firebox, Everdure doesn’t include a traditional layer of flame tamers between the burners and cooking grates. Instead, the flame tamers are cleverly built into the cooking grids themselves! Everdure has shaped the Furnace and Force’s cast iron cooking grids to cover and protect the burners from any drippings at the cooking surface.

  • So what does this minimalist firebox mean for grillers? Because of the short distance between burner and cooking surface along with a lack of traditional flame tamers, heat from the vertically ported propane burners is fed directly to the cast iron cooking grids at full force. That’s how Everdure Furnace and Force grills produce extraordinarily high levels of heat at the cooking surface, allowing you to create steakhouse-quality sear marks with very little effort. This setup also allows you to reach those ultra-high temperatures in as little as 5 minutes after lighting.

    Everdure gas grills generate this powerful heat with a fairly low BTU count. The Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Force packs just 22,000 BTUs, while the Furnace offers only 27,000 BTUs. Those low totals mean that Everdure grills use far less propane fuel than most of their competitors, which usually rely on high-output burners to hit screaming-hot temperatures. If fuel efficiency is your top priority, then look no further than the Force and Furnace.

  • Everdure Furnace gas grills vertically ported burners

Even Heat

Though gas grills built to crank out high temperatures often struggle to evenly spread that heat across the cooking surface, Everdure Furnace and Force grills accomplish this feat by using high-quality materials. The cast iron used in the cooking grids, for example, is excellent at absorbing and dispersing heat. Then there’s the die-cast aluminum grill head, which is also great for quickly absorbing and radiating high levels of heat back at your food.

2 Grills in 1

Everdure by Heston Blumenthal Furnace and Force models are actually two grills in one. Removing the grill head from the cart reveals an attached set of smaller aluminum legs that allow these grills to become portable BBQ pits measuring just under 22 inches in height. We found the portable Everdure Force to be lightweight and quite easy to carry around a campground, while the Everdure Furnace’s 51-inch width makes it perfect for sitting on a truck’s tailgate.

Wide Temperature Range

  • Converting to travel size isn’t the only trick up these grills’ sleeves. Because of the relatively low BTU output of each burner, the Force and Furnace can maintain low temperatures in addition to searing. During testing, Grill Master Randy was even able to sustain a consistent smoking temperature that resulted in some of the best ribs we’ve ever eaten off a gas grill.

    As if the wide range of heat of these grills wasn’t enough, Everdure also offers multiple cooking accessories to fit either model. The Everdure roasting rack can help you achieve perfectly smoked ribs as seen in the video above, and flat cast iron plates or the Furnace’s stainless steel teppanyaki plate stretch the limits of what can be cooked on a gas grill. You can even get your hands on an Everdure warming rack for toasting buns while your burgers broil.

  • Racks of ribs smoking on the Everdure Furnace gas grill

Things To Consider:

The Everdure Furnace and Force collection don't have a great deal of extra features like side burners or rotisseries that you may find with other gas grills in its class, like the Napoleon Prestige Pro series. If you are looking for a grill with lots of bells and whistles or complex cooking systems, this may not be the grill for you. If, however, you are looking for a grill built for longevity and rock solid cooking performance time after time, then we think you'll love the lineup of gas grills from Everdure by Heston Blumenthal.

For more information about Everdure gas grills, call our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 today! They are always standing by to answer all of your gas grilling questions.