The Skinny:

  • Made of 316L marine-grade stainless steel to handle saltwater environments
  • Same great quality and construction as other Blaze grills
  • Multi-user warranty covers multi-family use in apartments or condos

Things We Love:

Industry Leader in Full-size Marine-grade Grills

There’s a huge benefit to having a full-size gas grill that can withstand coastal environments, which is why Blaze put its efforts into making one. With superior construction in the form of 316L stainless steel, the Blaze LTE Marine Grade grill is perfect for homeowners who live near saltwater. You can be confident your Blaze model will last for years even in a setting that isn’t favorable to most traditional grills. It is also available as a freestanding model, so you can roll your grill next to your saltwater pool and start grilling!

Marine-grade Stainless Steel Offers Protection from the Elements

The 316L stainless steel found in the Blaze Marine Grade really shines in places like lake houses and beach houses, or even next to a saltwater pool. It provides better corrosion protection than the typical 304-grade stainless steel and is especially resistant to high salt concentration in the air. This type of stainless steel is also designed to perform in higher temperatures, making it a perfect beachside BBQ pit.

Best-in-class Lifetime Warranty

Though the Blaze Marine Grade grill was built to last for years in tough environments, it comes with outstanding coverage. Most notable is its multi-user warranty that’s ideal for apartment complexes, condos, and other multi-family dwelling places. Blaze also offers a best-in-class lifetime warranty for multi-family use and limited labor coverage so you can cook on your grill with confidence.

Superior Construction

Blaze made its name by crafting high-performance grills, and the LTE Marine Grade model is no exception. It boasts 56,000 BTUs across its four burners, which heat triangular-shaped cooking grids that are excellent at absorbing heat and leaving beautiful sear marks. In addition to dispersing heat, the 14-gauge stainless steel flame tamer has a perforated design to prevent flare-ups and maintain a good surface area for drippings to vaporize.

You also get a solid versatility with this grill, thanks to the heat zone separators between each burner that allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures. There’s even a waterproof rotisserie motor, sleek red knobs lights along with grill surface lights, and convenient hood latches. To drive home this grill’s multi-user capabilities, Blaze included a flame arrester on the grease tray that also helps reduce grease fires.

You'll Like This Grill If:

You need a high-quality grill that can withstand coastal or saltwater environments.