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Outdoor GreatRoom Electric Fireplaces (6 Items)

Electric Fireplaces from The Outdoor GreatRoom

We know it’s called “The Outdoor GreatRoom,” but this Minnesota-based company knows a little something about creating cozy indoor living spaces, too. And because they live in an area with such frigid winters, the fine folks at The Outdoor GreatRoom are also well-versed in the art of staying warm. They combined their expertise in both arenas to bring you Outdoor GreatRoom fireplace inserts, efficient and stylish solutions for all your home-heating needs.

Let’s start with efficiency. Ever tended a wood-burning fire before? In short, it’s a lot of time spent managing the fire and a lot less time enjoying it. With Outdoor GreatRoom linear electric fireplaces, however, the only effort required on your part is plugging them into a standard, 120-volt outlet (exhausting, we know). Oh, you’ll also need to muster up the energy to use the multi-function remote for any of the following: turning the fireplace on and off, setting the thermostat, adjusting the LED flame and ember appearances, and rotating between flame colors.

Now for style, which comes naturally for any Outdoor GreatRoom fireplace insert. They look sleek in any installation — built-in, wall mount, or insert — and come with either logs or stones to recreate the look of an authentic fire. You know what else is authentic about Outdoor GreatRoom linear electric fireplaces? The heat! Each unit pumps out enough ambient warmth to make any room in your home into a cozy gathering space. Yes, even if you live in the icy north like our good friends at The Outdoor GreatRoom.