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Cast Iron Cookware (57 Items)

Cast Iron Outdoor Cookware

Cast iron has a feeling to it that most other materials just don’t possess. It’s hard to lift a cast iron skillet and not admire the heavy-duty aura (and the fact that it’s, well, actually heavy) rivaled only by its reputation in the kitchen. But this powerful mystique isn’t just a mirage — cast iron cookware is a force to be reckoned with, especially when paired with a grill or side burner in an outdoor kitchen.

Our cast iron cookware sets are prime examples of the material’s usefulness in outdoor settings. Cast iron skillets are more than tough enough to handle high-heat grilling, and they can actually be one of the better assets at your disposal because of a simple thermal property: when cast iron gets hot, it stays hot. This next-level heat retention makes cast iron excellent at imparting a delicious, seared exterior to steaks and other meats, so much so that your grill grates may even get jealous from time to time. By that same token, a cast iron pot will keep your food warm long after it’s been removed from the fire.

Cast iron cookware and high-heat grilling are a match made in heaven’s kitchen, but did you know we also carry cast iron bakeware? You can use your grill or smoker to bake desserts like cookies and pies, so it makes sense to harness the power of cast iron in that arena as well. Speaking of other cooking styles, don’t even get us started on cast iron Dutch ovens. You’ll feel like a true chef making stews, chilis, and braised beef on the grill, all thanks to the magic of cast iron.

If you’re concerned about caring for cast iron, let us put those fears to bed. Cast iron pots and pans don’t require much cleaning and maintenance, and remember that opening bit about how heavy-duty they feel? Yeah, that’s not just for show. They’re durable enough to be handed down throughout the years — chances are one of your parents or grandparents has been cooking with the same cast iron skillet for decades. Treat it right, and cast iron will see you through years of cooking adventures. That’s true even if you also use it for indoor cooking, which our cast iron cookware sets can handle with ease!

Seasoned Cast Iron

You’ve probably heard that cast iron cookware needs to be seasoned — and, no, we’re not talking about hitting the cooking surface with salt and pepper. In this case, “seasoning” describes a thin layer of oil that gets baked onto the cast iron, resulting in a non-stick surface that also helps the material resist rust. The process of seasoning cast iron normally takes a bit of time and effort, but nearly all of our cast iron cookware sets come seasoned so you can get right to cooking. The only question is this: will you be cooking outdoors or indoors? That’s for you and your powerful cast iron pots and pans to decide.

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