• Your Kitchen Outdoors

    It isn’t enough to simply have an outdoor space. The day is too short. Too demanding, for that matter. Instead, your outdoor area must be “activated” before it can truly be inhabited. Urban Bonfire’s outdoor designs bring forth from your backyard the energy and emotion needed to enjoy even life’s smallest moments of sweetness.

  • Custom Solutions Crafted for Your Space

    An outdoor space is an opportunity to express your individuality. Urban Bonfire develops highly engaging custom outdoor kitchen solutions that complement your grill and showcase your aesthetic.

    Allow our experts to familiarize you with Urban Bonfire’s captivating functional outdoor kitchen products and offer custom solutions for your unique outdoor space at 1-877-743-2269.

Explore the Urban Bonfire Classics Collection

Explore the Urban Bonfire Classics Collection

  • Your Complimentary Sample Kit Awaits

    Interested in a more tactile approach? Urban Bonfire’s sample kit allows you to feel the quality of their product offerings and see their distinct difference. With these pieces in hand, our experts can help transform your design ideas into a realized luxury outdoor kitchen space. Simply request a kit from one of our outdoor design specialists by calling 1-877-743-2269.