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Summerset Gas Grills (24 Items)

Summerset Gas Grills

Summerset pairs American-made affordability and luxury in a way few grill manufacturers can. Even the most budget-friendly grills feature stainless steel bodies, ceramic briquette flame tamers, flame-thrower ignitions, and rotisserie burners. From the entry-level Sizzler Series to the deluxe line of Alturi Grills, Summerset BBQ grills have something for everyone.

Summerset Gas Grill Series:

  • Summerset Sizzler & Sizzler Pro Series-

    The most affordable Summerset grills are in the Sizzler and Sizzler Pro lines, which have double-lined hoods to prevent discoloration. Summerset Sizzlers are affordable premium-style grills with 443 grade stainless steel bodies and a rotisserie back-burner coming standard. Sizzler Pro models are upgraded even further with cast stainless steel burners, heat zone separators, internal halogen lighting, and front panel LED lighting.

  • Summerset TRL & TRL Deluxe Series-

    One step up is the heavy-duty TRL Series with its 304 stainless steel construction and U-shaped stainless steel burners. The base Summerset TRL grill includes internal halogen & external LED control knob lighting, a rotisserie kit, & easy-clean ceramic briquette flame tamers. For even greater performance, TRL Deluxe grills are equipped with 20,000-BTU, cast stainless steel burners and thicker cooking grids, as well as heat zone seperators.

  • Summerset Alturi Series-

    If you want a Summerset BBQ grill packed with luxury features, look no further than the Alturi Series. Summerset's truly luxury grill line, the Alturi Series, includes every feature of the other Summerset series but introduces finer details like mirror polished edges, rounded spring-assisted hoods, rotisserie rod storage chambers, and angle-mounted internal lighting. Summerset offers additional upgrades to elevate your Alturi grill even higher like red brass high-BTU burners, drop-in sear burners, and gorgeous teak wood hood handles.

  • Summerset Builder Grill-

    Summerset also offers the Builder Grill for multi-user or commercial applications, and it shows in the design. The builder grill is a great addition to any hospitality setting or large commercial space and carries a one-year commercial warranty. In addition to its simple and sturdy 304 grade stainless steel construction, this Summerset grill features a double-insulated hood, high-BTU stainless steel U-burners, heavy-duty anti-theft knobs, & flame-thrower ignitions which require no batteries or electricity.

Because Summerset BBQ grills are available for various budgets, we know you may need some help deciding which one is best for you. Our experts are standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer any questions you may have!