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Sedona Gas Grills by Lynx (8 Items)

Sedona Gas Grills by Lynx

Sedona grills are available with many terrific options, so choosing the perfect grill is easy! Available in built-in or freestanding configuration, or a natural gas or propane fuel type, the Sedona collection is versatile. Sedona grills are available in 30, 36, and 42-inch sizes, providing 733, 891, or 1049 square inches of total grilling area respectively. If you often cook for a large group of people, consider the 42-inch, which can cook up to 24 burgers at once. If you typically cook for small groups, the 30 or 36-inch might be better for you. The 30-inch can cook up to 15 burgers at once and the 36-inch can handle up to 21 burgers at a time.

Sedona Gas Grill Features:

  • The ProSear infrared burner can reach ultra-hot temperatures to sear steak and cuts of meat. The variable heat setting can also be lowered to cook more delicate items like seafood and vegetables.
  • Sedona’s stainless steel burners come with a lifetime warranty. Paired with the ceramic briquettes, the Sedona boasts great heat distribution that’ll cook your food to perfection.
  • The quality of construction is evident with Sedona’s seamless welded structure. It also keeps moisture out of your grill.
  • Keep grilling after dark with the integrated illumination knobs. The intuitive interior halogen lights turn on as soon as you lift the lid, giving you a brightened view of your food.
  • Hood assist gives a weightlessness to the lid, making it easy to lift with just one finger.
  • The rotisserie system and optional rotisserie basket can roast large slabs of meat or smaller, delicate foods like vegetables with a dedicated rotisserie burner.