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Fire Magic Charcoal Grills (9 Items)

Fire Magic Charcoal Grills

Fire Magic has over 80 years of experience making high-quality BBQ grills. Realizing the potential of the great outdoors, they began creating grills and outdoor equipment in 1937. Being a leader in the industry for so many years has given them the experience to create some of the most luxurious grills on the market. When designing their charcoal BBQ grills, they made sure not to spare any attention to detail. The technology and construction have created a high standard of what a good BBQ pit is. The Fire Magic charcoal grills feature heavy gauge stainless steel because Fire Magic believes that grills should last a lifetime and not just a year or two. To prove this, they have lifetime warranties on the cooking grids and stainless steel housings.

Fire Magic Charcoal Collections

Fire Master - The Fire Master collection is the basic Fire Magic built-in charcoal grill. It includes an integrated installation hanger because it must be dropped in to a non-combustible island. It also features an adjustable height charcoal tray for heat control. The adjustment control is on the top of the grill.

Lift-a-Fire - The Lift-a-Fire charcoal BBQ grill collection has many of the same features as the Fire Master line, with one major difference. The Lift-a-Fire has a door on the front that’s used to easily add wood chunks or charcoal without having to lift the grates up to get to the charcoal pan. The adjustable charcoal pan control is on the front of the grill instead of the top.

Legacy - The Fire Magic Legacy charcoal grill collection is the most versatile of all of Fire Magic’s charcoal offerings. The Legacy is not only available as a built-in grill, but is also available on a cart or pedestal. It can be used as a grill or smoker and includes a warming rack. The front door can be used to load charcoal into the grill. A charcoal shield is included for indirect cooking. The charcoal tray can be raised and lowered for great temperature control. The hood has a precise analog thermometer.