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Broil King Pellet Grills (4 Items)

Broil King Pellet Grills

Broil King — widely known for gas grills, keg kamado grills, and charcoal smokers — is now trying its hand at another form of grilling with all-new Regal and Baron pellet grills. Just like the gas grill line, Broil King Baron pellet grills are simplified and budget-friendly. Broil King Regal pellet grills, meanwhile, are made from thicker material and packed with features that account for a slight bump in price. Both series are equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi capabilities that connect the grill directly to your smartphone for helpful alerts, not to mention that they also include a handy hopper that lets you switch out pellet flavors on the fly.

Broil King Regal Pellet Grills

With 14-gauge steel construction for superior strength, these Broil King pellet grills are built to last. You can pair that durability with a digital control center, which shows up-to-the-minute internal grill temperatures along with the temperature of the two included probes. The control panel also has three “quick setting” buttons that automatically bring temperatures to 225 degrees Fahrenheit for smoking, 350 degrees for roasting, or 600 degrees for searing and grilling.

We really love that Broil King Regal pellet grills come with a full rotisserie kit out of the box, something that’s extremely rare for pellet grills. This accessory allows you to roll-baste meats while they smoke, giving you intense flavor that’ll elevate your BBQ. To top it all off, Broil King manufactures these models with a 22-pound pellet hopper for hours of cooking.

Broil King Baron Pellet Grills

Though Baron pellet grills are made from thinner, 16-gauge steel and lack some of the flashy features found in the Regal series, they’re still quite well built. Stainless steel is used in the fire pot, heat plates, and inner mechanisms, while the cooking grids are constructed with heavy-duty cast iron. Broil King Baron pellet grills even offer just as much cooking convenience thanks to the digital control center and three “quick setting” options. The biggest different between Broil King pellet grills might just be the Baron’s pellet hopper, which can hold a respectable 18 pounds.

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