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Blaze Kamado Grills  (5 Items)

Blaze Kamado Grills

Blaze introduces the industry’s first indestructible kamado grill made from 1" and thicker, solid cast aluminum. The innovative all-aluminum design provides unparalleled durability, greater mobility and the same outstanding consistent temperature control kamado grills are known for.

Traditional ceramic kamados can be cracked and broken; the Blaze solid cast aluminum kamado is practically indestructible.

Standard Blaze Kamado Features

Tongue & Groove Seal

Blaze Kamado seals tight with a unique tongue and groove design. This seal is built into the cast kamado’s mold and will not wear out. Other kamados rely on gaskets that eventually needs replacing.

Molded Exhaust Cap

The top air vent is seamlessly molded into the Blaze Kamado’s body. The damper wheel can be set in various positions for fine tuning desired temperature / smoke level and stays put even when lifting the lid.

Non-Porous Body

Blaze Kamado’s aluminum body can handle any fuel source, including charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid. Ceramic kamados are porous and may absorb by-products of petroleum based fuels.

Superior Grill Surface

The 20-inch cooking surface consists of hex-shaped, 304 stainless steel rods that provide superior heat retention and sear marks. Hinges on both ends allow for more wood or charcoal while cooking.

Lift Assist Lid

Blaze Kamado’s pre-installed hinge includes a lift assist for easier opening, closing, and burping. Other kamado lids are heavy and can require effort to open and close without slamming.

Removable Ash Pan

Every Blaze Kamado comes equipped with a full width ash pan that lifts out easily. This extra wide, removable tray makes the Blaze Kamado’s clean up simple and very effective.