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Grill Cleaning Brushes (20 Items)

Grill Cleaning Brushes

Around these parts, we talk a lot about flipping mouthwatering BBQ bison burgers and smoking finger-licking good whiskey glazed ribs. But every delicious dish in your roasting repertoire depends on your grilling surface — and a little bit of maintenance really goes a long way. Glamorous? Probably not. Effective? Absolutely. Leftover cooked crumbles on that shiny stainless steel is unsightly at best and flavor-ruining at worst. Grill grates usually aren’t cast iron (though there are some exceptions to that rule), and they always need a good, solid scrubbing after every simmering session.

After all, that charred crud across your cooktop isn’t seasoning (well, maybe it was before) — it’s grime, and grime isn’t non-stick. Unless your special secret spice is leftover debris from the Ghost of Porterhouse Past, chances are it doesn’t have a place anywhere near your latest crowd-pleaser. Spoiler alert: that isn't how you make blackened chicken. If that’s what your absentminded, kooky uncle told you every time he overdid it on the wings when you were growing up, get a new uncle (we’re kidding, but please point him toward our best BBQ and grill recipes).

BBQ Grill Brushes

If you’re the Sheriff of Sizzletown, the right grill cleaning brush is your deputy.

You run a nice, clean town here. Lots of food, lots of fun, and nobody goes hungry. The last thing you want to find is some scum sticking around and causing trouble — like leftover char and dust from the previous time you fed your folks. The best grill cleaning brush at your disposal can become the sharpshooter at your side, ready to maintain order once the party’s over. With a great handle on your dependable deputy, you’ll always be ready to clean house when quarrelsome crud sticks around, trying to stake its claim over your hardworking grill grates.

Teach yourself how to use a grill brush and you, too, can lay down the law.

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