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BBQ Aprons and Grilling Gloves (16 Items)

BBQ Aprons for Grilling

What does actually barbecuing bring to mind for you? Do you picture the crisp sounds of grease and oils, dripping against red-hot grill grates? What about those thick, invigorating aromas that waft from an open smoker — or a pile of freshly plated grub? Maybe it’s the sight of flipping that first sausage to see that delicious browning underneath, the bubbling of molten cheese over a hand-crafted burger, or carving brisket to reveal slivers of tender, mouthwatering reddish-pink…

Here’s a few more: splashes of tangy barbecue sauce. The splattering, greasy shrapnel of crackling oil. Wayward juices hiding like fugitives on your fingers, eager to stain your pockets, your clothing, and everything else you touch.

Grilling is a messy job, but someone’s gotta do it. When you’re arms-deep in hosting a cookout, which would you rather: pulling a Superman phonebooth switcheroo from filth-friendly attire into your “nice” hosting clothes as the burners cool down, or slapping on a premium cooking apron that you can simply discard at a moment’s notice? Wearing a BBQ apron wraps armor around your entertaining uniform — the polos, the slacks, even the button-ups — instead of splattering juices and drippings against your chest again. Go straight from front-line flipper to cracking jokes and clinking drinks in a blink!

(Just remember: we haven’t found the animated magic carpet of cooking aprons yet! Once you untie it, it can’t take a sauce-spatter bullet for you.)

BBQ Grill Gloves

Safety: we love it, we encourage it. Barbecuing puts any grill master on the defense against a lot of scorching heat, and it requires concentration. Even the most diligent of us can’t say we’ve never been distracted at the worst of times. When it comes to your pit, there’s a better way — a safer way. Nothing screams, “I have touched this hot surface and screamed for the very last time” quite like cladding those bare hands in BBQ gloves for safety, confidence, and keeping your voice out of the higher octaves. No outdoor kitchen is complete without them! Many even come with separated fingers — letting you work tongs and basting brushes while you wear them. Whether you snatch up a pair or two of leather grilling gloves, cotton mitts, or any other fire-resistant material, rest assured that the heat of the moment will no longer give your precious hands a trial run of the medium-rare treatment.