Best Outdoor Refrigeration for 2021

  • Find the Best Outdoor Refrigeration Solution for You

    Outdoor refrigeration might be the most glamorous addition to your kitchen. Every wine cooler, beverage center, refrigerator, ice machine, or even kegerator installed is that much less running inside and out that you’ll have to do — and that much more time you’ll have chilling out with your guests. Luckily for you, our private industry professionals know few things about outdoor kitchen refrigeration; here are their favorite ice-cold outdoor appliances based upon quality, performance, and features.

    Quality - The best outdoor kitchen refrigeration appliances depend upon their insulation, construction materials, outdoor rating, and warranty. These hardy machines have to work diligently to keep their contents cool in warmer climates — and these factors all have a say in their capability to do just that.

    Performance - Expectations — and this should be no surprise — require these appliances to keep food and beverages chilled. For your convenience, we’ve labeled all refrigeration options as outdoor certified or food-safe certified, showing you which models can maintain temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in warm conditions.

    Features - Outdoor refrigeration casts a wide net, so the feature list can be quite lengthy. While testing these products, our experts are looking for any standout features. Interior LED lighting, digital temperature control centers, and dual temperature zones are just a few of features commonly seen in their favorite picks.

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