Whether you have a fire pit or you are thinking about purchasing one, we have put together a list that would make any fire pit party a success. If you are looking to buy a fire pit; think about purchasing one that burns wood and includes a cooking grill, so you get the most bang for your buck. If you have an existing wood burning fire pit, think about adding a cooking grill. There are so many things you can cook on a wood burning fire pit beside the usual smores such as vegetables and shrimp, skillet pie, cornbread, jalapeno poppers, hot chocolate, and hamburgers. Get a beer dispenser, outdoor speakers and an outdoor cooler into your party plan. Your guests will appreciate them!. Make sure there is ample seating, blankets, and skewers so that your family and friends feel comfortable and can have fun preparing their own snacks. Add to the merriment with music and clear out a space for dancing, but most importantly have a good time.

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