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Dimplex Electric Freestanding Stoves (3 Items)

Dimplex Electric Stoves

While electric fireplaces come in a huge variety of configurations, electric stoves can serve as straightforward and effective home heating solutions. Dimplex freestanding stoves are no exception — instead of complex installation or hardwiring, all you need to do is plug into a standard outlet then sit back and enjoy the warmth and dancing flames. No matter which firebox setting or flame technology you prefer, Dimplex carries models equipped with powerful heaters that can easily warm up to 400 square feet. Their flame displays and heaters even operate separately so you have the option to experience one element without the other depending on your seasonal needs.

Dimplex Stove Technologies

The flame display technology inside Dimplex electric stoves differs from firebox to firebox. Opti-Myst technology, for instance, reduces water molecules into a fine mist that reflects light to create ultra-realistic flames. Other Dimplex freestanding stoves use proprietary methods like reflected light and mirrored panels to achieve a similar effect. All these technologies pair well with Dimplex Realogs, which are molded from real wood for a charred appearance and are situated against mirrors to produce an illusion of depth within the firebox. To top it all off, Dimplex stoves are available in attractive finishes including cranberry, cream, glossy bronze, and glossy or matte black.

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