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Replacing An Appliance: When Is It Time?

Know when to repair and when to replace. Your appliances get you through the day, from the first drop of coffee to a home cooked meal for the family. That's why knowing when to replace your home appliance is essential to every day home life.

Older Vs. Newer

Replacing Old Appliances The Solution: Replace

An older appliance may not function as fluidly as a newer one. In turn, it may be depriving you of the energy savings you need to keep your costs down. An indoor range designed with the future in mind, may help keep costs to a minimum when it comes to repairs and energy usage.

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Invest In Upgrades

Upgrade Old Refrigerators The Solution: Upgrade

Deciding if an appliance upgrade is needed is a key factor in getting the best out of your daily appliance use. Appliance upgrades can save you from unexpected stress when the heat is on. Ensure your holiday cooking goes safely with upgraded appliances. An upgraded refrigerator can not only save space for food storage but also energy with important features that may not have been available with your old appliance.

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Know The Benefits

Upgrade Old washers The Solution: Review Your Warranty

Is your appliance out of warranty? Replacing it may be a better solution. An appliance with an expired warranty may be worth looking into as replaceable. A newer appliance means the newest warranty (not to mention the latest technology), designed to protect the advanced features that make each task simple.

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Repair Vs. Replace

Upgrade Old Microwaves The Solution: Save More and Replace

Appliance repairs can often be excessive. Before you repair your older appliances, shop around. You may be able to save more money by buying a newer microwave or other appliance with newer and more durable features. Repair parts for older appliances can often be hard to find and more expensive to order.

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Energy Efficient Savings

Upgrade Old Dishwashers The Solution: Upgrade Your Energy
An energy efficient appliance costs less to run and saves more for you and your family. For example, a Dishwasher that has been upgraded will often save you more time, money and energy, reducing the stress of constant maintenance. Shop for appliances tagged with the signature Energy Star logo, promising to save you money and energy in your home.

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Upgrade And Get A Break

Upgrade Old Cooktops The Solution: Tax Break Savings

Experience the benefits of appliance upgrading. Homeowners can also earn tax credits for making qualified energy-efficient improvements to their homes. Investing in a new Cooktop for your kitchen cooking area may very well provide you with a break on your taxes. Upgraded appliances are cleaner and more energy efficient, adding to a record of smart energy savings.

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