Under Counter / Freestanding Ice Makers

Under Counter Ice Makers can be installed under the counter without building the unit into the cabinets. Installing an ice maker under your counter is a lot like installing a built-in unit, with the exception that an under-counter ice machine does not have to be built-in to your kitchen cabinetry. This is also known as a freestanding unit. This allows you to easily install and uninstall your ice maker, enabling you to move it from location to location.

Under Counter Ice Maker Advantages
  • Easy relocation - Under counter ice makers do not require built-in installation. This means that if you decide to relocate, uninstalling your under-counter ice machine is easy and less hassle than if it was built-in to the cabinets.
  • Easy installation - An under-counter ice making unit does not require the integration into kitchen cabinets, making installation as easy as simply sliding the unit beneath the desired counter area and plugging it in.
  • Easy maintenance - Under-counter ice makers can be moved out from under the counter to get to hard-to-reach wires and hose hookups. If something needs replacing on your under-counter ice machine, it is not hard to find and replace the parts.
* Note: An under-counter ice maker may be vented in the back or sides, requiring at least an inch of space between the unit and the wall or cabinets to reduce fire hazards and increase ventilation.

Built-In Ice Makers

Built-In Ice Makers must be built in to the cabinets under the counter. They integrate nicely with the kitchen cabinetry, and can even be modified to look like existing cabinets.

Built-In Ice Maker Advantages
  • Integrates into cabinets - A home with an integrated, built-in ice maker will go up in value with the added luxury of this kitchen appliance. A built-in ice maker is an attractive addition to any kitchen because it can blend in with the same overlay as the cabinets that surround it, making it inconspicuous and functional.
  • Conserves space - A built-in ice maker will not take up much space since it is built in to the cabinets. The subtle design of a built-in ice maker will leave room for other kitchen appliances, as well as extra space for maneuvering around the kitchen area.
* Note: A built-in ice maker is often vented in the front, requiring no additional space between the unit and cabinets and counter that it is installed under.

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