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Ice Maker Buying Guide

Ice makers are quickly rising to be a desirable accessory for any home. Explore the benefits of owning your own built-in ice maker. Find out how convenient portable ice makers are on the road and around the house. Get the facts on the versatile advantages of a freestanding or under counter ice maker. Our ice maker experts have compiled their research and opinions on owning and operating an ice maker.

Built-In Ice Maker Buying Guide
Find out all there is to know about owning and operating a built-in ice maker. Our ice maker experts have gathered the facts on the benefits and advantages of having a built-in ice maker unit in your home.

Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide
Ice makers made their debut around the last century. Instant ice was hard to obtain before that time. Huge blocks of ice were imported from colder regions and provided by delivery services. The luxury of instant ice is now widely enjoyed with the modern convenience of the portable ice maker.

Outdoor Ice Maker Buying Guide
Outdoor ice makers are a great way to get the party going and keep the cool drinks coming. Install an outdoor ice maker with your outdoor kitchen and enjoy the benefits that fresh, abundant ice can bring during social gatherings and family conventions.

Top Rated Ice Makers
Shopping for a new ice maker is easy when you know what you're looking for. Consider the type of ice maker you'll want to invest in, then use our guide below to find recommended brands and ice maker styles that cater to your specific needs. From portability to large celebrations and occasions, we've got an ice maker design fit for you.

UUnder Counter vs Built-In Ice Makers
Research is important when buying a new ice maker for your home. You will want to get the ice maker that best fits your needs. We're here to answer some common questions between built-in and under-counter ice makers. What is the difference and which one will be the bigger benefit in the end? Read more to find out.

A Guide To Ice Cube Types
Ice serves the same purpose no matter what shape it takes. It cools our drinks and gives us something cold and crunchy to enjoy when the climate is hot. So where do the differences begin? Browse our informative guide to answer your questions about ice types and styles.