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    How to Pick the Best Steak

    The “best” steak is a matter of personal preference. At BBQGuys, our favorite kind of steak is one with some good fat content throughout, but it’s totally fine if you prefer a leaner cut of meat for its tenderness. We’re just happy you love steak! To tell one kind of steak from another, just look for flecks or clumps of white fat spread across the meat. And, no, we’re not just talking about huge chunks of fat along the edges — true fat content is found throughout the flesh of the steak. These fat patterns, which many people refer to as “marbling,” are important because fat helps distribute juices through the entire steak and provides a bit of flavor in its own right. When it comes to spotting amounts of fat content on steak, the USDA has done a good bit of the work for you by defining three grades of beef that appear on food labels. Select cuts have the least marbling, whereas Choice features a moderate amount and Prime has the most.

  • Slab of marbled steak being unwrapped.

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