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    How to Season Burgers

    Many home cooks have their own blend of burger seasoning, but we’ve found that you can get the job done with just 4 basic ingredients: coarse salt, white pepper, black pepper, and red pepper. This mixture packs a good amount of both heat and flavor in every bite. We recommend coarse salt instead of table salt because it’s much larger and easier to see, which makes it harder to under-salt or over-salt when seasoning burgers.

    When forming your burger patties, wait until you’ve got the meat broken into loose bits on your parchment paper before adding seasoning. Then you can lightly toss the spices with the meat and make them into patties that’ll be seasoned throughout rather than just on the top layer. If you’re cooking pre-made patties, be sure to season them both on the top and bottom before they go on the grill. Feel free to experiment with other spices as you go if you’re looking for a different type of flavor.

  • Built in thermometer on a Napoleon grill.

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