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Range Buying Guide

When shopping for a new electric or gas range, you want your investment to be a lasting one. Our experts have put together a dedicated source of information that will help you make a decision on what type of range is best for you. View the facts on electric ranges, get answers to all of your gas range questions and see how you can benefit from the versatility of dual fuel ranges.

Range Expert Reviews

Shopping for a range can be a difficult task. Ranges are available in a variety of sizes and styles, and deciphering their differences can be tough. Options can include everything from burner configuration & fuel type, to size & included accessories. Luckily, we have tested our most popular ranges and reviewed them to help you understand their features.

How to Shop For a Range

Ranges have been a staple in homes all over the world since we moved indoors and stopped cooking over an open fire. While the original cooking ranges were often powered by wood or coal, modern ranges have come a long way with the inclusion of gas ranges and electric ranges. The overall appearance and technology incorporated in home cooking ranges has come a long way.

Gas Ranges vs Electric Ranges

The endless battle of electric ranges vs gas ranges goes on. But the question remains, what's the best choice? It all boils down to experience and user preference. Our range experts have combined their research and opinions to create a detailed guide on the benefits and differences between gas and electric ranges.

Range Tips: Helpful How-To Guide

There are many factors to consider when upgrading or installing a gas range or electric range. Our experts have clarified the common questions and concerns when it comes to gas stove and electric stove upgrades. This helpful guide was designed to aid you with your decision to upgrade your range.

Anatomy Of A Range
Gas ranges and electric ranges host a variety of differences and special features. So what are the basic questions that everyone is asking, and how can you research more on the benefits of ranges in general? Below you will find a good source of common facts and information on ranges put together by our range experts.

Top 5 Best Selling Ranges
Here you can benefit from the research that our range experts have done, with our top-selling ranges. We've got recommendations when it comes to mid-size ranges for cooking with the family, to professional ranges for the master chef. Find a popular range style that suits your kitchen cooking needs here!

Energy Efficient Ranges
Energy efficiency is an important factor when investing in a lasting cooking range. Your range should be a lasting addition to your kitchen, as well as a benefit to the environment. Many popular brands are looking ahead to designing gas ranges and electric ranges with more energy-friendly technology. Doing your part to conserve the environment while you cook will help save money and energy in the future.