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Portable AC Benefits & Features

Our Portable Air Conditioners guide will help you understand the benefits and features of most portable AC units. Learn the in's and out's of portable AC units and how to install one.

Why Portable Air Conditioners Beat Standard Units.

Portable AC
  • Save, Save, Save! - Portable Air Conditioning is much more energy efficient compared to central air and even window AC units. Since they're easy to install yourself, you will not have to pay installation costs either.

  • Portability, no permanent installation. - You can move them on their convenient casters from one room to another. As long as you have a place for the the exhaust system, set it up in your bedroom, kitchen, office, attic, basement or even your boat!

  • Multi-Funtional - Not only equipped with the cooling system, you are getting a FREE dehumidifying function. Helps to remove odors, collects dust particles and prevents bacteria build up. Some portable air conditioners can even be used as a heat source.

What Are The Special Features?

Many of the portable air conditioners on the market today have a list of special features that are shopped for when looking to make a purchase. These special features add convenience and allow you to customize your portable air conditioner to fit your specific needs:
  • Casters for easy movement - Not only are some units equipped with casters for easy mobility, but some also have a carrying handle.

  • Louver Adjustability - Adjust where your cycled cool or heated air ends up!

  • Remote Control - Convenience of being able to turn your air unit on from across the room.

  • Multiple Fan Speeds - This will help in noise control.

  • Dehumidify-Only Mode - Converts the unit into an instant dehumidifier.

  • Air Filtration and Purification - All models have some form of air filter. Some models have better filters that can clean your air while air conditioning.

  • Integrated Timer and Sleep Functions - A timer helps you to save energy by giving you the option to only run your air conditioning unit at only the certain times that you set.

  • Heating Options - Don't just use your portable air conditioner in the summer season, use it in the winter too! Some models give you the capabilities to use your unit all year round.

How To Install Your Portable Air Conditioner

As all small and large appliances, your portable air conditioner will come with installation instructions and kits for installation into windows. Just to give you an idea before making your purchase, here are a few tips to show you the ease of installing your unit.

One of the main advantages to having a "portable" air conditioner is that they can be installed in many places that other air conditioners can not be - however, the simplest installation will be the one that is directly installed into a standard sliding window.

  1. Position your portable air conditioner near the window.
  2. Connect the exhaust hose to the rear of the air conditioner.
  3. Connect the other end of the exhaust hose to the window venting kit.
  4. Open your sliding window. Place the window venting kit in the window, adjusting its length if need be. Close your window on the venting kit.
  5. Last but not least, plug in the air portable conditioning unit and turn it on!
  6. Keep in mind when choosing your portable AC that insufficient power can cause a fuse to be broken. Pay close attention to what type of plug your portable air conditioner will require as well as the voltage it will need to run. Also make note: When you receive the air conditioner, allow it to sit upright for 2 hours before installing it so that the refrigerant can settle after being shipped.